1st Secondary School in Wodzisław Śląski was founded in 1948.  In 1960 it was named after the 14th Regiment of Silesian Insurgents. For many years the school was the only high school in the town, being an important element for the inhabitants in their educational pathway and opening the possibility of further education. Basing on this rich heritage we teach respect for tradition and culture, prepare for academic education and develop creativity and openness to the challenges of the world of work.  Our mission statement is: tradition, modernity and future.

In accordance with the education system in force in Poland we educate young people, who have completed primary school, in the four-year system.  Learning in our school ends with the baccalaureate exam called the Matura exam.  Currently, we educate in classes with specified profiles where the following subjects are taught as extended:

- Mathematics, Physics, English;

- Mathematics, Geography, English;

- Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics;

- Biology, Chemistry, English language;

- Polish language, History, Social Studies;

- Polish language, Biology, English;

- Mathematics, IT, English language.

We offer our students a great atmosphere, experienced and friendly teaching staff, advice from a career counsellor, various clubs of interest, international youth exchanges, participation in voluntary work, opportunities to work for the school television and participation in a school music band.

Our school was granted a prestigious title of " The Silver School" given to the best high schools in the country.  Our graduates obtain higher graduation certificate results than the average school leavers of the Silesian Voivodeship and of the country.  Our students are successful in Olympiads and competitions. Those who are interested in the media can improve their skills in our state-of-the-art TV studio and auditorium with professional stage facilities. Students willing to help those in need can become permanent volunteers and work for the County Family Support Centre.

Being a student of our school, which is informally called "Jedynka", you can participate in international projects (e.g. Erasmus +), foreign geographic and language camps and educational trips, subject and interest circles, educational projects, laboratory classes, workshops, lectures and knowledge festivals in cooperation with universities and meetings with representatives of foreign companies and universities.

As a European school we underline the necessity of teaching foreign languages.  English is taught in interdepartmental groups at different levels.  The second language is chosen from among the following: French, Spanish, German and Italian.  We believe that multilingual competences of our students is their key to success.

Welcome to “Jedynka”! 

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